Frosted window film

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Do you want to reduce the transparency of doors and windows in your business premises?

Frosted window film is an excellent solution for vision protection in offices and windows of commercial premises. The frosted film is a modern interior design element that keeps office spaces bright. Variety of different frosting films create the mood and enchane the atmosphere. We sell frosted window film by the meter and its maximum height is 120 cm.

Printed and cut-to-shape frosting film is the perfect choice when you want, for example, minimalist taping with your company logo. In this option, the logo is detached from the surface of the frosting film or the other way around. This is a timeless, minimalist and stylish option.

You have three options to choose from:

  • Even frost film
  • Gradient, where the frosty film from below gradually brightens upwards
  • Printed and/or cut-to-shape frosting film. If you want this option, first contact our sales on 041 3188 185 and then send us a 1:1 vector file for print production. If you don´t have vector files, you can make an appointment with our designer here.

Choose which type of frosting film you want from the material menu. The counter will give you the price immediately.

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