<tc>Order glass and window adhesives here</tc>

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<tc>To order, you need measurements and custom-made graphics in vector quality</tc>

You can provide these in the order form or we can do them for you. By clicking on the picture, you can book a time for a measurement and desing meeting.

<tc>Order weatherproof adhesives with your own graphics here:</tc>

Browse with the arrows and choose the adhesives you want from the pictures.

<tc>Removal and installation services</tc>

We also provide removal and installation services according to your needs. You will be notified when we are coming, when we start the installation and when we are ready. Currently, we provide installation services in the Uusimaa region. If you don't know how many hours should be reserved for your project, contact us! Weather reservation for adhesives installed outside.

Click on the picture and reserve an installation time that suits you from our calendar:

<tc>You can also get from us:</tc>

Browse here to order our other adhesives and print products.

<tc>Sustainable choices in production and operations</tc>

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