Heat and uv blocking window film

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Heat and uv blocking window film

Sun protection window films are the perfect solution for excessively hot interiors. In sunny weather, windows and large glass surfaces collect heat and the indoor air often becomes suffocatingly hot. Thought slows down and work is painful. The best solution for this is heat and uv blocking window film which are installed either inside or outside the window, depending on the window. The films reflect sunlight away, so the indoor air stays comfortably cool.

You can choose a highly reflective and effective UV film or a transparent and clear UV film. The films prevent heat damage in the interior and the fading effect of UV light on e.g. products and furniture. The indoor air stays fresh and ventilation can be predicted better when the temperature variation brought by the sun does not affect the average temperature of the apartment. This also brings down the cooling costs.

Teipit.com warmly recommends these films!

Choose reflective films if you want the best effect and seeing indoors is not so important in sunny weather. Choose transparent films if you have shop windows or you want an unobstructed view inside.

Installation service and contact information

We sell UV film by the meter and its maximum height is 120cm. If you want a precise shape cut for the UV film, contact our customer service aspa@teipit.com

Note! In this product, the measurement and planning service is key for a successful end result. We help you choose a film that is definitely suitable for your windows and we take exactly the right measurements for production and for a lasting installation.

Prices do not yet include installation. You can get an offer for the installation price by contacting our customer service.

Contact our customer service by calling 041 3188 185 or sending an email to  aspa@ tapes.com