Glass and window adhesives

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Here you can order all possible door, glass and window adhesives

You can choose the material and production method you want for the adhesives and other additional services.

More information about materials and production methods:

White, cut to shape

  • The graphics are printed on white tape
  • You can choose either plain white text or a pattern
  • Installed using transfer paper

Printed, white

  • You can choose the pattern and color you want
  • Circle, square or rectangular cut

White, printed and cut to shape

  • An excellent option when you want a certain shaped sticker
  • You can choose the format, text and color you want

Frosted window film, cut to shape

  • The graphic is printed either to the frosted film or detached from the frost film

Frosted window film, printed

  • The graphic is printed on the frosted film
  • You can choose the color you want for the graphics
  • Circular, square or rectangular cut

Frosted window film, printed and cut to shape

  • Graphics printed on frosted film
  • You can choose the shape you want for the tape

Custom-made products do not have exchange or return policy. Delivery time is 4-7 business days.

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